Roller Coaster

My life is a roller coaster.

The beginning is the start of my life.

Then when the roller coaster starts,

The wild ride begins.

First it raises to a great height,

In happiness, truth, and pride.

But, when it reaches the top,

It starts to plummet in to guilt, pity, and lies.

With all of it’s twists and turns,

It never levels out.

Everyone in the world has a different coaster,

Because no one is the same.

Lives covering the world,

Like a giant amusement park.

But many of these coasters have stopped,

Most in disarray, rusted, overgrown

With no hope of starting again.

Someday my roller coaster will stop,

Never to start again.

Hi guys, I don’t expect many people to read this which I have grown to accept declining popularity is bound to happen.

This poem I wrote back in eighth grade for an English assignment.  We were supposed to take a picture of ourselves on vacation or something like that and write a poem about it.  I didn’t get the memo that we were supposed to be visible in the picture so instead it is a picture of part of the roller coaster “Wildfire” from Branson’s Silver Dollar City.  Which blossomed into this marvelous poem I share with you today.

Reading it over I realize that my eighth grade self had accepted that death is inevitable. As I imagine most of us maybe have also accepted that fate too, or at least have thought about it.  Weather or not you have thought about it, we are all mortal, we don’t live forever we all have to leave this world eventually.  Unless you are Voldemort, and create seven horcruxes so you can cheat death, but if you have read Harry Potter you know that it didn’t work out so well for him in the end.  I’m not really sure what my intent was with this, but I hope you enjoyed my poem and hopefully I will be able to post soon.


Grief, tears, and tissues

Alright I want to start by apologizing for ending my last entry so abruptly. And now I am going to rant.

So for those of you that have seen my blog you might know about my “Exploded Moment” if not you should check it out before reading this entry. So if you have read my explode a moment you know that I am talking about the time where my mom told me about my grandpa passing.  So why am I bring this to light?  Well my dear children today I will be talking about death and how it has greatly affected my life.

Starting with the earliest, my grandpa James Weikart passed away on January 5, 2015.  Which was just a few days after I started my second semester of junior year. I didn’t know how painful the loss would be.  I remember there would be times during that week where I would lock myself in my room, hold that flannel shirt to my chest, curl up into a ball, and just cry.  Thinking about all of the things I missed about him. Just like Sheryl Crow sang, “The first cut is the deepest,” but that isn’t always true.  Let us jump forward to the date of August 19, 2016

So three days before I start college my dad get’s a call from his younger brother, my Uncle Randy. After my dad gets off the phone he tell me, “That was your Uncle Randy, he sounded upset.  So I’m going to go see what is going on.”  So he leaves me at home with my younger brother Drake. Then maybe two hours after he comes back home with my Uncle Randy.  Confused, I follow them to the living room and sit down on the love seat.  That is when my dad tells us what is going on.  “Something very tragic happened.  Your cousin Natalie passed away tonight.” I immediately, in complete shock and realization, burst into tears. All I could think was She can’t be gone.

Even after two months I am still having a hard time believing it. In all honesty it was Nat’s death that hit me the hardest because she is only a year older than me. She still had her whole life in front of her.  She was just too young.  When we were younger we were really close, but as we grew up her family drew away.  I wish I could of had more of a relationship with Natalie, seeing how we were the only granddaughters on my dad’s side.  Now it is just me.

One thing that I always found funny was that Abbey and Natalie were friends.  I find that funny because Natalie was my cousin on my dad’s side and Abbey is my cousin on my mom’s side.  So technically they are related through me which I think is pretty cool.

Nat’s passing made me realize that life is fragile and precious, and that you have no idea how much time you are going to have with you family and friends.  So, you have to make the most of of it because you have no idea how much time you are going to have left, and there are so many times that we take that for granted.

I hope this has made you think, made you aware of what you could be missing.  I want you guys to go home, hug your parents, guardians, siblings, friends or who ever is important in your life and tell them that you love them.  Because there is nothing I regret more than never telling those I lost how much I truly loved them.  So go out into the world a live and love, don’t take time for granted.  It never stops.


So it has been a while and it was driving me mad to just abandon this so I’m back with a poem.

Crazy foxes running wild

Piercing screams into the night

Pain pounding beneath the ground

Everything is falling down

Darkness is falling near

Sleepy heads have nothing to fear

The demons do not wish to play

They would rather stay away

Fear and pain course below

But no one here really knows

Smiles grow from the broken earth

Bringing light back to earth

No one screams

No one cries

No one is going goodbye

But all the foxes still fun free

On the brink of insanity.

So since I am not in creative writing any more I don’t have to worry about over 250 word limit. Love you Mr. Durham.  So life has been very interesting. I started college so that has been a rush, and multiple other things that I will share in a later post.

I was at some event for my brother. I had a splitting headache and my medicine had worn off so my ADHD was running wild. So from this event sprung this creative mesh of words. So I am going to sign off till next time.


Satirical Story

Fine Arts.  Things like theatre, choir, orchestra, band, and art.  Why should they get all the glory while sports are left to suffer due to budget cuts.  How is that fair?

Like this year my school spent about a million dollars to give our theatre company a new stage and fly system.  While my football team has to fundraise to afford uniforms this season.  It also doesn’t help that our previous coach, Coach Jones, left us in debt at the end of last season.  So Coach Blindauer, our new coach, has to start from scratch.  Then for baseball Coach Winter told us at the beginning of the season that he was trying his best to make sure that we didn’t feel the budget cuts.  That’s not easy to do when the team’s budget has been cut by $1,000 every year.  Also the lack of recognition is annoying.

While both Symphonic and Concert Orchestra got one ratings at state.  No one even mentioned when Freshmen, JV, and Varsity got first in their division.  Coach Winter was so proud that even Junior Varsity got first, despite their lacking outfield.  Fortunately, we were able to pull it together.  Another thing that pisses me off is that the Drama Queens, Choir Nerds, Band Geeks, and Orch Dorks, think they rule the school just because everybody loves them.  It is almost like a cliche high school movie.  Were the new girl gets in good with the lead actress and ends up dating the cute Stage Manager.  Then they go to homecoming together and become Homecoming King and Queen.  When are sports going to bask in the limelight.  Where does glory go?  Nowhere, because no one cares about sports anymore.

Children’s Short Story

Ruffled Feathers

Pete the Peacock was a beautiful bird, with feathers as blue as the sea.  Though he was pretty he was also very rude.  He thought he was the most beautiful bird in all of the animal kingdom, and that every other animal was ugly.  So he would strut around the forest calling the other animals very mean names.

“Have you lost your nuts again, Twitchy Tail?”  He teased Sarah the Squirrel.

“If I loose them it will be on purpose,” Sarah muttered, picking up an acorn to toss at Carl’s head.  Unfortunately, he was already out of range, moving on to insult more animals.

“Nice day today, Octopus nose.”  Pete laughed at Marty the Mole

“Who said that?  I’m blind I should have you know,” Marty retorted

“Leave him alone Pete,” crowed Carly the Crow perched in a tree nearby.

“Sorry what was that,” Pete said, “Sounds like you have ash in your throat”

“One day you will say the wrong thing to the wrong animal and you will be sorry,”  Carly cautioned. “And I’m sure that all of the Animal Kingdom will want to see that.”

“Whatever,” Pete scoffed thinking that there was no way that would ever happen.

But later that week a cheetah moved into the forest.

Pete was on his daily walk to insult his fellow animals.  Up ahead he saw a new animal he had never see in the forest before.  “Oh goody,” thought Pete, “A new victim.”

Pete called out “What is up with your fur? You look like a sick cat.”  Before Pete knew what hit him.  He was pinned to the ground by a gigantic spotted cat.  The Cheetah.  The Cheetah’s fangs were less than an inch from Pete’s face.  Pete gulped, as fear fluttered in his stomach.

Then the Cheetah spoke his breath ruffling Pete’s feathers.  “You do know I can tear you apart faster than you can scream for help.”

“No,” gulped Pete.

“You must be the self-centered bird I have heard so much about.  I’m sure no one will miss you.  In fact I think they will thank me if I get rid of you.” The cheetah growled his claws digging in to Pete’s skin.

“Oh no. Please don’t do that,” Pete begged realizing what the cheetah meant.

But it was to late the cheetah’s head was coming down to end his life.

Shrink a Century

It was only a week after school let out, but still my mom would wake me up at seven every morning.  She had to leave for work and wanted to make sure I was awake before she left, so I wasn’t late for my job.  After my mom left I would lounge around the house for a while, before leaving at about 8:30. Crawling through the stuff in our garage to get to my bike. Finally freeing it from it’s trap, I slung my backpack over my shoulder before mounting the bike. I pant as I struggle to make it up the hill to the top of my neighborhood, then turning on to the sidewalk neighboring Clayton I coast down catching my breath. The wind whipping my hair behind me. I glide in to the Crestview parking lot, evading to cars parked there.  I follwed the sidewalk up to the pool doors. There I locked up my bike against the chain link fence, before entering through the double doors leading to the pool.  I clocked in swiping my rockwood id through the computer just inside the door.  I step on to the pool deck and smile and wave at the supervisors sitting at the table across the way. Then I walk over to the staff table to set my stuff down. The morning was filled with, chatty, distracted, and a little bit annoying, children. There were times when I just wanted to drown them.  Thankfully classes were over before I could lose my mind.  Then I rode my bike home to have lunch and watch some T.V. within the three hours I had between the morning and evening shifts. Even though I was disgruntled about doing so, when it came time to leave I went to the garage to dig out my bike again, and took the same path I had that morning. With a new batch of annoying kids. At the end of the shift I was cold, wet, frusturated, and ready to go home.  When I left work that evening my mom came up to give me a ride home. Putting my bike in the back of her car. All the way home I grumble about the annoying kids I had, my mom being sympathetic saying that it will get better. Rolling my eyes as if to say, “Yeah right, Mom.” Then I realize that this is going to be my entire summer. Yippie…